Friday, October 5, 2012

What Am I Doing Here?

I want to be prepared for anything.

You know, really prepared. I want to be prepared to be just fine in case of things like earthquakes, broken cars, well as fun unexpected things like spontaneous camping trips or company coming from out of town. I'm not there yet (I'm not even close, I'm sure!), but I decided that one way to make better preparations is to start by finding out exactly how I'm NOT prepared. would I know if I am prepared when I haven't actually experienced a house fire, days-long power outages, stolen credit cards, earthquakes, etc.?

Learning is easiest if it's fun...I think...well, at least it's fun! :) So...I decided to play a game.

I posted this to my family & friends on facebook:

"I want to play an emergency preparedness practice game, and I want you to help me. :) I'm going to make a list of possible emergencies or unexpected events, and I'll put them in a jar. I want my family & friends to help me find out how ready I'd be for the real thing. Starting this Friday (Oct. 5th), I want you to call me randomly (Friday, next week, next month, five years from doesn't matter) and tell me to draw a paper from my emergency jar, and I will live as though it really happened, except that I will still go to work even if it says there is no electricity, etc. Thanks in advance for playing!"

Afterward, I realized that waiting two days would just give me artificial time to prepare in ways I hadn't previously considered, and I really just needed time to get the jar ready. I told people to start immediately.

My son (10 years old) & I came up with various emergencies or unexpected circumstances, and each one is now on a slip of paper, rolled up & put into a jar.

I'll write about each "emergency" after we have gone through it. That way, you won't know if we're already experiencing a crisis when you decide to call & tell me to pick out a new one. Life doesn't always come one emergency at a time, you know. :)

I'll write here about preparations I've made in the past, new preparations I decide to make along the journey, and some of our thoughts & feelings as we learn by doing.

Come along! It's good to travel with friends. :)

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