Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to Prepare...For Real!

We got three emergencies in a week. Two were picked out of our jar, and one was real. We've learned a lot. I have new ideas. Not being able to go to the grocery store for a week wasn't a big problem as far as having enough to eat. I knew we would be fine. I put my kefir grains into the fridge to rest on the first day so they wouldn't die if we ran out of milk. There were a couple of things we like to eat that we were low on, which made me determined to have more of certain things on hand all the time. The kiddo loved being bedridden for three days because he got fed & got to basically vacation while I tried to do his chores and mine along with my regular job. We both actually got sick for a day, which was more of a glitch than a disaster. The real problem is this: what if a real emergency happens while we're busy staying in bed sick, avoiding shopping, living without electricity, etc.? I have decided to end or indefinitely stall the preparedness game because it's hard to buy storage food when you "can't" go to the grocery store, it's hard to get caught up on laundry or prepare meals to store in the freezer when you're staying in bed "sick," etc. I think I'll just keep preparing for real life. Let me know if you're interested in continuing to read about things I do to be prepared. :)

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