Thursday, November 8, 2012

Preparing For Winter

I love summer. However, I live in a climate that is not warm all year. The winters are cold. Time to get ready!

There is a big storm predicted for tomorrow, and the high temperature predicted for this weekend is in the mid-thirties. Brrrrrrr!!!

I harvested the last of the cabbages tonight, and they'll be made into some kind of traditionally fermented sauerkraut, loaded with probiotics & keeping the vitamin C intact. (It also tastes delicious!)

I have also started preparing for winter by buying a little yarn & fabric. I love to be creative in the winter, which is to say that creative projects help keep me from going stark raving mad in the cold & dark winter months. Well, creative projects and a good vitamin D3 supplement (or plenty of pork fat - lard & bacon grease are good sources of vitamin D3). Fermented cod liver oil is another small source of D3. I have a few  bottles of that, and I bought a vitamin D3 supplement to go with the two quart jars of bacon grease I have in the fridge.

Bring on the winter! Just let me buy some good gloves first. ;)

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